Please order through email while we fix our store

We are having problems with our web store!  Please send us an email at, tell us what you want to order and provide your land mail address.  We will send your order with an invoice.

Sorry for the inconvenience!

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Mission: Translate Honeytree’s Call of the Harvest CD to ARABIC!

Honeytree Arabic Music ProjectPraise the Lord – this is the answer to 12 years of prayer!  In 2002 the Lord said, “Sing Call of the Harvest songs in Urdu, Farsi, and Arabic.”  We have been seeking the Lord for the right people to help us!

Now in 2014 the Lord has assembled a powerful team of believers from Iraq, Jordan and the US.  These precious brothers and sisters in the Lord have an urgent burden to translate Honeytree songs to Arabic.  Other friends who are helping come from Egypt, the Sudan and Palestine.  We are confident that we are generating high quality translations that will be readily understood by Arab speakers from many nations.

Will you consider being part of the Arabic CD Team through your prayers and donations?
Expenses include travel to Youngstown, OH where Honeytree is working with Brian and Nawal Picard on translating the songs.  They are also coaching Nancy on her pronunciation. Future expenses will include recording and manufacturing the Call of the Harvest CD in Arabic!

Thank you for your partnership with Honeytree in creating this powerful new tool for ministry.

Arabic CD Project Donation 5 Thank You    Arabic CD Project Donation 10 Thank You    Arabic CD Project Donation 50 Thank You    Arabic CD Project Donation 100 Thank You

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It’s here, a wonderful new DVD called “Pioneers” !


We are so excited to announce the release of this new DVD, Pioneers!  What an honor to be part of this group of tried and true Jesus Musicians who share their wisdom in response to fabulous questions from aspiring young Christian artists.  This is brilliant!

It includes new music videos from me (Pioneer), Randy Stonehill, Phil Keaggy, as well as Annie Herring’s powerful new song, “Flowers” – which will knock you out!  The film’s creator, Rebecca Friedlander, performs a new song by Melody Green.  Babbie Mason sings “Great is Thy Faithfulness.”  Matthew Ward does an incredible new version of Annie’s classic “Easter Song”, plus there are songs from Paul Clark and Dennis Jernigan.

Click on Shop to see Pioneers in the web store and get more info – bless you!

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Hallelujah – we wired $3789 to Pakistan on April 19, 2013!

Thank you, thank you for your donations to help the Christian families in Lahore Pakistan who lost their homes on March 9.  I told Pastor Haroon,

Most of the gifts came in small amounts, $5 or $10 – but several people gave $100.  One church in Michigan got a burden to help and sent me a check for $324 after they received an offering for the families in Joseph Colony.  I know this church very well, they are small but they have a mighty vision of reaching out around the world to share the love of Jesus.  With their check they sent a prayer that God would “multiply many times” the amount they sent.  I opened up another envelope the same day – a lady sent a check for $3000!  The prayer of multiplication was answered so immediately that the two checks came in the same mail delivery!  Jesus is Good!”

Love in Jesus, Nancy Honeytree Miller

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Pakistan Relief Fund – Please Donate Now

Please donate to support the Church in Lahore, Pakistan.  We have known and worked with Pastor Haroon Bhatti for over 10 years and 100% of these funds will go to help the Christian families rebuild their home and small businesses.  They were burnt out by mob March 9th.  Over 400 families were devastated losing not only their homes but Continue reading

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2013 Marks 40th Anniversary of Honeytree’s first album

Wow!  I just realized that 2013 marks 40 years ! ! since I recorded my first album, Honeytree.  I posted this realization and the following paragraph on Facebook yesterday, January 30, 2013.

Oh, thank you, Jesus.

More than ever You are my “Only God” and in You are hidden all the “Treasures” of life. Your “Sweet Rain” is still falling on me every day, “Hallelujah – (You are) Outasight!” Jesus. You restore twice as much though at times we have to sing “Job’s Song.” Truly we have experienced that when we “Resist the Devil” he flees from us. Jesus, you have brought “So Much Man” in my life since you came into my heart. That was the day I became “Clean Before My Lord.” Now “I Don’t Have to Worry” because you promised to see your “Honeytree” through.

People started responding right away with “likes” and comments.  What a lovely surprise.  I spent a truly edifying hour in a time of global fellowship with Jesus Music lovers.  Comments have continued since then as well.  What a huge blessing.

I’m looking forward to a wonderful year in 2013 of working in the harvest fields.  This is the end time harvest and Jesus has His strategy.  All we have to do is our part.

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Welcome to our new site!

Nancy Honeytree Pioneer Christian Artist

Oh’ my there will be so much to do.

The Store is up and running for your Christmas gifts. We have kept Honeytree’s Christmas CD at $10 for you & yours.

The day after Thanksgiving J.R & I had our very 1st Skype Service – Wow, it was with our friends in Pakistan.  I’ll try to get a post out next week.

Don’t forget, you can also find us on Facebook:
or on YouTube.

Have a very Blessed and precious holiday & Christmas season. Stop back for more news & missions reports.

Love Honeytree.

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Our 1st Skype Service

Skype Service Pakistan November 2012

We just had our 1st Service via Skype;  from our home offices to Pakistan!  It was amazing talking to Pastor Haroon in Pakistan while sitting at home in J.R.’s office at about 9 in the morning our time.  It was 7 pm for them and they were having a joint service with a whole crowd of people. 

Pastor Haroon interpreted what I said for the crowd.  They were watching me on a big screen.  I sang for them and could hear them applaud at the end of the songs.  I had been practicing my Urdu songs and was able to sing “Release Me Oh Lord”, “Lovely Jesus”, and “Call of the Harvest”.  They have recorded a brand new CD of their own original songs and they will be making a video to go with it, including some clips from our Skype service!  J.R. and I had the honor of contributing financially to their recording project.  I can’t wait until you hear it – it’s beautiful!  It sounds like Bollywood for Jesus! 

I am so proud of their creativity and happy to think that we have had a part in inspiring and encouraging them to make their own Jesus music.  Praise the Lord!

Love in Jesus,

Nancy Honeytree Miller

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